New website and forum! #OACommunity

Now that OAC is finally up and running (albeit in slightly worn-out trainers) I wanted to take the chance just to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped get us to this point. When I set out to create OAC I wanted ‘community’ to be at its heart, bringing people together from different walks of life in a comfortable and safe environment. From day one I’ve been touched by the way people have pulled together to get us off the ground; friends, local business owners and even strangers who helped with building work for free! Continue reading “New website and forum! #OACommunity”

Come and Explore

After over three months of building and endless support from friends and family, we officially opened our doors in September 2017. From the initial idea to create a place in which Arts Therapies and performance could work from under one roof, to holding our first therapy session, we have come a long way.

Continue reading “Come and Explore”

The Sound of Drums!


Well I think we are nearly there. This week has seen the arrival of a sound system incredibly kindly donated by the amazing guys at Music Box Studios, a trip to Bristol to pick up a drum kit, some more fantastic clients, a helping hand from the wonderful Lucy and many hours spent swearing at a carpet!

The realisation that I could actually drive my van up to the stage was a massive relief when unloading everything on my own as I probably had to move everything about 2 foot in the end…. Continue reading “The Sound of Drums!”

We have internet!

Well upstairs is coming along slowly! I spent the vast majority of yesterday finishing building the big back wall upstairs.  I was amazed at how long it took but I got there in the end!



It was good timing as I had the pleasure of company from Lucy (friend and awesome up-cycler or Ebb and Flow), Kelsey (lovely new friend and fellow music therapist) and Dave (my awesome housemate and bandmate), so it meant they had a great big wall to paint 🙂 Continue reading “We have internet!”

Plan of action!

I will not lie, this week has been a super slog.  I think I was still tired from Green Man and only just recovering, when the fabulous Hub Festival happened at the weekend.  I was playing on both days so was there for a substantial part of it and it was amazing as always, but I definitely have been paying for it!  Continue reading “Plan of action!”

Post Festival Blue!


When posting last I forgot to say I was off to play Green Man festival for a few days so decided to take the opportunity to paint myself out of the building and finally have a finished floor! (Well you know, its not perfect, but its starting to look much better).  It was quite cathartic really.  I felt bad that I would not be doing any work in the place for four days, so at least it gave me a reason to feel that I couldn’t anyway! Continue reading “Post Festival Blue!”

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