Welcome to Ocean Arts Online.

Please note: This campaign is led by students from Cardiff University.

As artists, we thrive off the creativity of others. It doesn’t matter what our craft is, or whether art is our work or our hobby. Often, that vital spark of inspiration comes from interacting with a community of like-minded creatives.

But in these unprecedented times, our community is challenged like never before. As the coronavirus pandemic puts the UK on lockdown, our arts centres, theatres, cinemas, galleries and studios stand closed. They face an uncertain future, even beyond this crisis.

This is the situation for Ocean Arts Cardiff. We’re a small multi-purpose arts centre in Wales that strives to serve all artistic disciplines; from gigs to choirs, painting to dance, we host events to support the whole spectrum of creative expression.

But while our doors are shut, our minds are open. During lockdown, we want to help you unlock your artistic side, and this site has been designed to help you do just that.

We’ve been hard at work thinking outside the box to pull together an online community to support us all through these difficult times. We’ve hunted down content to ignite those sparks of inspiration, and reinvented old ideas so you can continue to enjoy them. Let’s take this unique situation and use it to work on our passions.

We’ll properly kick things off with our Online Ocean Mic night on Thursday 2nd April – read more about that on our Facebook page!

All our posts, both here and social media, have open comments. So talk, collaborate, inspire others… If you’ve got something to offer, get in touch. We’re all in this together!

Ocean Arts Cardiff x