Unlock Your Artistic Side

Stories from the Ocean: The community at the heart of Ocean Arts

These wonderful stories show how much Ocean Arts means to so many people.

People often say: “Everyone we meet has a story to tell, every story has a lesson to learn and every lesson becomes a reason to live life to the fullest!”

We are living in testing times, which is more the reason we must value the connections we have and reach out to the people around us. Even though we cannot connect to anyone physically right now, it’s been an honour to see Ocean Arts’ online community thrive and to help motivate everyone to unlock their artistic side. 

Over the past three weeks, we shared a few experiences from our marvellous community as STORIES FROM THE OCEAN. These experiences are cherished by the Ocean Arts community, who often seem more like a family – an open, kind group of people who always welcome new creatives to their midst. These experiences are just testimonials to some, but the wonderful stories show how much Ocean Arts means to so many people.  

A gig at Ocean Arts Cardiff.

When we reached out to the community, we ended up receiving tons of positive responses, many of which we have already shared via our social platforms. We heard from Gwen, who brings her son to musical therapy classes at Ocean Arts; Isabel, who has hired Ocean Arts for her community choir; and Dave, a regular performer and occasional host at Ocean Mic nights.

These are three completely different experiences but they all have one thing in common – their love for Ocean Arts as a loving, accepting, creative community. If you missed the posts, here’s a brief recap of some of their stories.

With music therapy, Sally has managed to create an amazing rapport and relationship with my son,” said Gwen. “Sam was non-verbal when he met Sally and while he still struggles with meaningful communication, he is able to fully engage and very much enjoys his weekly sessions with Sally.  They have some wonderful interactions and it is his favourite place to go. Sally taught my son to sing when he could barely talk – I can never repay that joyous gift that she gave us.”

Sally in a music therapy session with Gwen’s son, Sam.

Isabel said: “We had around 40 choir members just about fitting into the lovely venue with fairy lights and comfy chairs and pillows – plus, some of Ocean Arts’ own choir joined us for the night! Sally was very welcoming and led us through some new warmups at the start. The choir members enjoyed the cosy setting and great acoustics.”

When reminiscing about his many experiences at Ocean Arts, Dave said: “Ocean Arts has had so many memorable evenings. Probably my favourites being the accessible club nights where we just dance and laugh with people that don’t get the opportunity to do so that often. Sally works her socks off to provide a lovely vibe and she succeeds.”

These three stories are just examples of how Ocean Arts has made a difference to so many people in so many different ways. At the heart of it all is the spirit of giving – giving attention, kindness, patience and creativity to our community.

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