OAC: All your ideas under one roof

Hello OACommunity!

I hope you enjoyed your bank holiday weekend.

Today marks the end of the “events week” – I talked about Ocean Mic, the Tea Dances, and Hoop N Move. But we host all sorts of events like Djembe Drumming classes, Move to the Music as well as Bring & Share Supper.

I wanted Ocean Arts Cardiff to be versatile, a place where people can create something special to them. How awesome would it be if, one day, we have lots and lots of different things going on under one roof!? This idea was the reason why OAC became a place you can hire. So far, it has been very mixed: parties, groups, band rehearsals, drama rehearsals, meetings, gigs and even fitness classes!

Slime Workshop! 15th April 2018

Having all of these different events here at OAC is really enjoyable and sometimes it even gives me some ideas! For example, the idea for the Tea Dance actually came from a booking. One of the members of the OACommunity had a birthday party tea dance and it was such a lovely idea, which I wanted to recreate!

A few weeks ago, OAC became a film set for a music video! I told you that so many different things were happening here! So we had MADI – who defines herself as a weirdo pop from Cardiff – renting the place in order to shoot her first music video for her song ‘Intimate’. We are super excited that you will be able to see OAC in the video clip on the 8th of June 2018! If you are curious and wanna see a sneak-peak video just click here.


If you want more information about renting the space, we’d love to hear from you on Facebook, on our website or by email!

Agenda of the next events at OAC:

Djembe Drumming Classes → Every Wednesday at 6:30 pm

Hoop N Move → 19th May at 10:00 am

Ocean Mic → 7th of June at 7:00 pm

Tea Dance → 17th of June at 4:00 pm

Move to the Music → 21st of June 4:00 pm

Bring & Share Supper → 1st of July 6:30 pm

Looking forward seeing you there 😉


You can find MADI on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud


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