Music Therapy and Mental Health

Hello #OACommunity, 😊

I really hope you have been enjoying the music therapy content that we have been posting on our social media platforms. Music therapy is a great passion of mine and I have loved seeing you all engaging with the content.

Now that you have a general idea of what music therapy is, I want to talk about how it can help people. Music, as we know, is a complex and beautiful tool that affects everyone differently.

For anyone struggling with things like depression or anxiety, music therapy is a great way of coping. The client doesn’t necessarily have to communicate with words and can just express how they’re feeling through music instead. This can be great for people who may not want to talk about what they are feeling but would rather express it through sound.

I want to stress that you do not need to be a musician or musically-gifted in any way to try music therapy. There are no ‘wrong’ ways to play an instrument during a music therapy session and it’s the freedom aspect that I really enjoy about music therapy.

No two music therapy sessions are the same, just like no two people are the same. If you want to develop yourself creatively or communicate in an alternative way then music therapy may be perfect for you!

Here at Ocean Arts Cardiff, the music therapy sessions are held in a positive environment, where every client is encouraged to try as many different ways of creating sound. You will never be judged, but you will be listened to—whether you want that to be through words, through sound, or a combination of both, we will welcome you with open arms. 😊

Want to learn more about music therapy? Check these sites out!

The British Association for Music Therapy

The Music Therapy Charity

Nordoff Robbins Charity

University of South Wales: Ma Music Therapy

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