OAC Now Hosts ‘Hoop N Move’

Hello #OACommunity!

It’s the bank holiday weekend and we know most of you are gearing up to make most of the good weather, have barbecues, perhaps a bit of shopping, hang out with family and friends and generally have a good time! We know you will have nothing but fun! 🙂

Recently, we asked you to share with us the kind of events you would like to see at Ocean Arts Cardiff. We received quite a lot of suggestions. Special thanks to all those who shared their thoughts. And guess what?! Continue reading “OAC Now Hosts ‘Hoop N Move’”

Ocean Mic the Open Mic

Hello #OACommunity, how are you today?

I am glad you have enjoyed last week’s posts about music therapy. I am really passionate about it, so I am so happy that you have shown lot of interest!

This week I would like to focus on some of the events we host at Ocean Arts Cardiff, starting with Ocean Mic.

Ocean Mic is the Open Mic we host here at OAC. Continue reading “Ocean Mic the Open Mic”

Music Therapy and Mental Health

Hello #OACommunity, 😊

I really hope you have been enjoying the music therapy content that we have been posting on our social media platforms. Music therapy is a great passion of mine and I have loved seeing you all engaging with the content.

Now that you have a general idea of what music therapy is, I want to talk about how it can help people. Music, as we know, is a complex and beautiful tool that affects everyone differently. Continue reading “Music Therapy and Mental Health”

Introduction to Music Therapy!

After talking about us and OAC in the past blog post, I would love to talk about my passion for music therapy and related areas this week. Some might know, I am a qualified music therapist.

I’ve always had an interest in music, and after working with children with challenging behaviors, I decided to study a masters in Music Therapy at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

Music Therapy comes under the bracket of Arts Therapies.  Music Therapy sessions involve using sounds and musical interactions alongside words to build a therapeutic relationship between the therapist and client.  Music therapy can be suitable for anyone who would benefit from therapy sessions.

Here are some interesting facts about music therapy that you may not know! Continue reading “Introduction to Music Therapy!”

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